Bend Oregon General Contractor Recommendation?

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Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a general contractor in Bend, Oregon?  I'm looking to flip a single family home in Bend and want to hire someone to coordinate/manage the rehab.  I'm remote so would need someone who is willing to work with an out of town investor.

I'll be traveling to Bend in a few weeks and am looking to meet with GCs while I'm there--ideally walking a target property.


Hi Annelyse,

I would recommend this gentlemen who did a beautiful job on our fence, but he is also a GC:  Brad Herbert.  

Bigger Pockets won't let me add a phone number or email address? Not sure how we share info.

 I live in Bend and I am curious how you found a good deal to flip?  If you'd like to chat about real estate I would be happy to play tour advisor.

:) Christy Osterkamp

@Annelyse Finley Hi, I have four projects going right now and can refer you two GC's that did my last two flips.

@Christy Osterkamp --thanks for recommending Brad, I will give him a call.  I'm not local to Bend (yet--though a grand master plan is in the works!) so it's very helpful to hear from folks in the community.  Thanks for the tour adviser offer--I'll be making trips to Bend in the foreseeable future and will take you up on it.  I'll send you a PM to connect.

@Chris Parrish ,  @Ramiah Thomas  --I just sent you PMs too.

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