Learning how to rehab properties

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Does anyone have any advice how a person who has no prior experience in construction/rehabbing properties can learn the tricks of the trade? I currently work a full time job in another field, but was considering getting a part time job at a flooring company, or a painting company etc. Do you think this would be beneficial? Thanks.

My end goal is to gain the knowledge to do/manage a rehab of my own.

@Maciej Charyga , I don't think getting a job at a flooring company or painting company will be helpful. Both are ridiculously easy to do or learn and the majority of those jobs are completed during work hours.

A better idea is to start small, and figure out how to do one skill well. You currently live somewhere, right? If you own it, or if you get permission from your landlord, try to perform upgrades at your house. 

Anything you do can be undone or redone by a professional if you don't figure it out. Youtube is an amazing teacher!

The big box home improvement stores have classes on the weekends that will teach you how to lay tile using their products and their tools.

Thank you Mindy, that's a great suggestion. I didn't realize they provided those classes. I'm currently renting out an apartment, so unfortunately that's not a possibility for me. I'll check out youtube though!

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