220volt outlet installation

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My tenant requested if I can install a 220volt outlet in the garage. Any idea on how much this would cost me? He wants to get a welding machine. Is it dangerous to do this? Do I have a liability should something happen while his doing that? Please help 

BY ALL MEANS, use a licensed electrician and IMMEDIATE deny that the tenant can do the install for himself.  Inform him he will pay the bill for the work.

@Varinder Kumar

I would say no.

Installing this requires a permit. The city may or may not require a load calculation. However it quite common now because of tesla chargers.

1. How big is your electrical panel? Older homes are normally 100amp. Really Old homes could have old twist knob wiring in a fuse circuit box 60amps.

100 amp you might be able to get away with adding if you do a load calculation that can be done by a electrician.

60amp you need a service upgrade to at least 100amp.

1500 to 3000 for 220v outlet.

5000 to 6000 for a service upgrade.

Welders a draw a lot of power use to build stuff.

@tayenguyen thanks for your reply. It's a 200 amp panel. The electrical is all new.  The home is complete remodel

@jeff B.  Thanks for your reply. My tenant is going to pay for the work. I will use a licensed electrician. I would never let him do any modifications to the home. 

And what type of circuit breaker(how many amps) for  the 220volt outlet? 

@Varinder Kumar Interesting issue you have there. The usual people who need those have larger machines, tig/mig welds require only 110, so if he us asking for 220, it is a bigger machine. Liability is fire. Check with your city and let them know what your tenant's intentions are, this move is for your protection and think about your neighbors too.

Generally speaking, welding will increase the risk of fire; maybe you should require proof of renters insurance (if not already required). Just execute a lease addendum and it becomes a win-win. He gets what he wants, and you get a tenant-funded improvement.

@Varinder Kumar
200 amp should work. Just have electrician size the branch circuit according to the welder specs.

I say 50amp should do it. Use a double pole 50 amp breaker.

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