Qualities of a Great Contractor

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I'm new to REI industry and would like to know, What qualities do you look for in a contractor? What makes a contractor better than another?

Unbelievable price, gives you all the discounts he can get, works 10 hours a day 7 days a week until he is done, has about 5 workers working on your project full time, under schedule and under budget, designs like an architect and doesn't charge you for it, bankrolls your project, won't bill you until the end.

Pays to go to work, labors through the night without disturbing the neighbors, and doesn't have any kind of paperwork so you can abuse him as much as possible. Considers first aid/workers comp to be a shovel and a bag of lime.

Is a snappy dresser and always calls me "Boss"

All very funny answers... However, reality must set in eventually.  I have a couple of Blog posts on this topic...also, listening to the weekly podcasts are a great resource as well as checking previous posts in the forums.  Below are the links to my Blog posts.

Contractors - The Final Frontier!

and then:

Characteristics of a Good Contractor

Good luck...Also, the Bigger Pockets book on Flipping Houses is another great resource and information every flipper should have.

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