Need advice on removing vinyl flooring

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We are in the middle of demolition on a house we are flipping. It has old vinyl flooring from 1980 in the kitchen and bath that has to be removed but it's glued tight to the slab foundation. I don't know what type of glue was used but it's pretty much impossible to get up. Any suggestions on how to remove it? New floors will be engineered wood.

@Chris Low

We're getting new vinyl at my work and they (professional company) are only removing the coved base. The new vinyl will go right over the rest. I'll let a contractor weigh in but I'll bet that old vinyl will act as a vapor barrier for your new floor. I would lay down a new vapor barrier over the old flooring and then just install the engineered flooring right over it. Depending on the net difference between the new kitchen floor and the adjacent room, you can buy a transition piece that will minimize the appearance. Are the adjacent rooms carpet or hard flooring? Consider tripping hazards...

You can also heat the old flooring to melt the old glue.....


Thanks @Tim Jones for the response. Adjacent rooms are all going to be the same engineered wood that's replacing the old vinyl. I can see how the old vinyl could act as a vapor barrier but I was under the impression we won't get a good fit if we lay the new wood floor over the old vinyl.

Hello @Chris Low , my friend is doing wooden floors, I will send his contact details in private message. Hope, he will help you.

Hey Chris, You can use a floor scraper with a blade and try to get rid of most of the vinyl. If you feel that you're still not satisfied with what's left, you can also skim coat the floor with a flooring patch and let it dry. Hope this helps. Best of Luck.

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