Need: Concrete Foundation under existing cabin

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My family owns a cabin on Lake Wisconsin near Lodi, WI and it has an old block foundation wall sitting on sand on a hill.  No footing or concrete.  The wall needs to be replaced, and we would like to shore the existing cabin, excavate under it, and pour a new basement.  I'm looking for recommendations for good contractors, both excavating and concrete, in the area that could handle this kind of work.  The cabin footprint is basically 27'x40' on a hill with what will be a walkout lower level. 

I have found a couple house movers / lifters on the internet, but if anyone can recommend one, I'm all ears. 


I used a guy outta elkorn in southern WI to do one of my projects.

here is his website. Great guys, Lifted my house in the matter of a few hours.

@Chad Nagel can ask how much they charged?  I can PM you if you would rather?

house was 28x28 completely gutted. easy job for them. I figured it would be around 5k. Bill came in $3850, granted that was in 2011

Lassig Brothers in Rhinelander does that, not sure if they will go that far, they would do a block foundation though

Anyone know of any good concrete foundation contractors in the Lodi, Sauk, Columbia, perhaps even Madison, WI or Dane County?

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