Looking for Louisville brick repair - tenant car hit apt wall

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We have a tenant who lost control of clutch and slowly rolled into the brick front wall of his apartment, causing relatively minor cracking and indentation of the brick wall.  It's about a 5x8 section between front door and window, but I'm not sure if a larger section of the wall may need brick replacement. It's 1970 construction and I expect it will be tough to match the brick color.

We need to first get an estimate for the resident's auto insurance company. Does anybody have any recommendations for brickmasons in Louisville, KY who would be a good fit for a repair job like this?

Greatly appreciate any referrals.


Hi Ian,

A fellow friend and investor who has had brick work done uses a brick mason named Fidel Gomar. His number is three three zero, eight three four, five zero two three. Good luck!

Stephanie Jacobi
FAB Properties, LLC