Contractor left thick black oil stains all over my driveway

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I had a small section of concrete pathway that was damaged in my back yard and I hired a contractor through HomeAdvisor to replace it. While the mixing truck was in my driveway it left thick black oil stains the entire length of the driveway all the way to my back yard (my garage is detached and behind my house) 

I’ve contacted the contractor who said he needs to reach out to his crew, but I’’m not sure what options I have in the meantime. It ‘s like I traded one eyesore for another.  If this could possibly be cleaned I’d be open to it, but I’m curious what recourse I might have or what actions I should be taking?

I'd give them a deadline to fix it, if they can't meet that then have someone do it professionally and deduct it from their final payment and send over the invoice. A power wash company could take care of that quickly.

You might also be able to take it up with home adviser to deduct pay or fix it depending on what kind of guarantee they have.

this is a pet peeve of mine and many builders.. once contcrete has gone in we either fence it off or put up big no parking signs.. do not let contractors every park their vehicles on your concrete..

Here's my this order (to clean it up)...

1) Go to the auto parts store and buy some brake cleaner or engine cleaner (I like brake cleaner better).  Spray it on the stains, give it a minute or two, and spray it down the driveway (not into the adjacent grass).  You will have an area that is cleaner than the rest of the driveway.

2) Mix a bucket of water with some Dawn liquid dish soap.  Scrub down THE ENTIRE driveway with this solution with a push broom.  This will help even out the areas that are cleaner than others.  Rinse everything down.

3) Once the driveway has been scrubbed down with #2, while the driveway is still wet, spread some powder laundry detergent and scrub it down again with the push broom.  Rinse everything down.

That's probably your best bet.  My Dad made me do this when I was a kid - we used to replace engines to cars in our driveway due to having a home based transportation business.

If your contractor doesn't make you whole, that's the easiest solution...It's not going to be perfect.  Be sure to get it done before it gets too cold here in Colorado.

I've heard that using the oxi clean detergent works well or others say the ones with bleach...

I would be leaning on the contractor I hired to correct is ASAP before I did any homemade remedy myself. Hopefully that can come out of the concrete without causing issues with the concrete itself.

Thank you all for the suggestions! I did not realize how many good home remedy options there are, but I certainly won't be cleaning this myself :) 

@Matt K. I agree with your advice, I'll give him a a chance to clean it within a time window and contact someone to clean it if needed. Thanks! 

Depending on what you mean by mixing truck (i order from a plant). maybe it is the contractors fault, but regardless it is his responsibility. Those are 1-2 hour fixed, they’re just oil, i’ve even done some tire marks with a simple oil based degreaser for a $20 bottle. If I were you I would simply do it and be done with it.

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