Hello All,

I am an investor Based in San Diego. However I am under contract in Phoenix AZ for a 4-plex. 2 of the units need a renovation. They are 900 sq ft, 2 bed 1 bath. The main issues with the units are the kitchens & baths. The bedrooms are fine (one needs a new closet door.) Here are the issues with the property:

-Completely renovate kitchen and bath for 2 units.

-new cabinets

-new countertops 

-wall between one unit's kitchen and bath is gone.

-fix plumbing / hook up toilet and shower

-make electrical operational

-Hang drywall and paint for missing wall. 

-Replace 4-8 windows.

-Install 1 water heater. 

-Install correct roofing vents on entire building (3600 sq ft) 

-Hang security Door. 

-Hang closet door (mentioned above) 

-Replace 20/25' of fence including 2 gates. 

-knock out approx 8-10' x 2' of poured concrete walkway, replace with pavers

-landscape "yard" 15'x10'

I'm looking for someone to do this work. I hate to say "on a budget" because I don't want to be insulting. But it has to be. The apartment complex is a C/C- complex, in a B / B+ neighborhood. So any glam work would be overkill. It needs to be a realistic materials for the market. However I am willing to pay a good rate for the work to be done correctly. 

Let me know if you are interested in talking more about doing the work, or have a good reference.