Price for labor on tile install?

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What is everyone paying for (labor) a basic tub to ceiling shower install? Subway tile horizontal cuts, maybe a built in shelf.


Tile install was one of the things I miss having my "go to guy" now that I moved. He basically would charge $400/day for him and another worker. I had a 10x11 master bath with a 5x3 shower tiled for $800. If I had a basic shower surround with a niche, I imagine he would knock the tile out in one day and only charge me $200 tops for the second to grout, so $600 total.

@Drew Denham I am tile installer here in Chicago suburbs. I charge $8.5/sf for subway tile and $150 for tile niche. But I use mortar, not mastic to install tile. I also, prep the corners and the seems where durrock meets the tub with mesh and mortar and waterproof them. If you just want to slap the tiles on the wall you can so it yourself in probably a day. If you want to do it right it would take at leadt 3 days with grout.
Again, if you only have the shower walls to be tiled, then I would probably charge per day which would be $350/ day. If that makes sense.

That’s not bad at all. Yeah they charge by the day and it’s usually 3 days to do it right. 3rd day being just grout. I usually just let them do up to tiles and one of my guys do the grout so they could do more high paying job.

@Tom Kairys I pay $600-900 up to 300 sf (depends if I want wall to go with that), concrete, thinset, tile, no grout. If I want it in-house and just above average quality, i’d pay $35/hr for my employee plus work comp etc.

Originally posted by @Drew Denham :

What is everyone paying for (labor) a basic tub to ceiling shower install? Subway tile horizontal cuts, maybe a built in shelf.



Secret is to have other work for them to do while the mortar and grout is drying 

If the only work you have for them is the shower tile they will need to come back 3 times as the tile guy above stated. 

@Manolo D. Same thing kind of. My hourly rate is $40. This would be tub bath walls as I understood. I would charge daily for this job of $350/day if that’s all he’s got. But that’s me, I am sure you can find somebody who could do for $200/day or maybe even $5/sf. But the end result would be different.

@Tom Kairys 40 is fair actually, if I pay 30 with the guy plus all taxes and work comp i’ll hit 37/hr so 35 will get me over 40 for sure. Yes on wall, some don’t have tubs, but any bath wall. I really don’t pay per day, some excuse their day is done because they need to wait curing, if something like that, i feel cheated, i can’t pay 350/day and they can hit 2 jobs. If it’s a teeny weenie job, i’d pay 200 for half a day then i’ll supply a labor assist if available - to mix concrete and what not. I never use per sq ft pricing, I control hours and pay per hour. I just finished a 60 sf floor tile re-sloping, it took 4 days with 2 guys, we had to break 4-6” concrete and install liners, i had to pay the whole day because i had nobody else working, I priced it that way as well, so everything was fine, but had he charged me 5/sf, he would have lost money, and nobody likes that.

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