Tricky Floor Transition problem

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I'm dealing with a tricky floor transition problem and was hoping to get some recommendations. I'm just finishing up a buy and hold rehab project on an older cape cod. There is a pretty steep drop between the living room floor (luxury vinyl) and the kitchen tile. Its about a 1" drop from the vinyl to the tile. I hit a couple unexpected hurdles while installing the floor in the living room that resulted in this issue. If I could go back I'd do a couple of things differently and make sure the floors were nice and even, but at this point I'm happy with the end product - with the exception of the floor transition issue in this area. 

I cant find any 1" deep transitions online and at Home Depot that I think would work well and look nice. I'm almost leaning toward some kind of short interior ramp. 

Does anyone have any recommendations on products or techniques I can use to transition the floors? 



Travertine sill from a tile store should work.  If you need it higher than that install a small piece of cement board under the sill.

This wouldn't by my first choice, but what about cutting the tile back and putting in a marble threshold like you would see at a bathroom. Not that I have ever seen on quite that tall, but I have seen them 1/2-3/4" tall and it didn't feel awkward or like a tripping hazard. What it does though, in my mind at least, is create a seperation that people would be inclined to step "over" and hopefully not trip. You could go with a piece of wood stained to match the plank flooring, or maybe try and find a vinyl transition at the box store that works.

Both ideas above are probably your best options.  Make sure it is wide enough to create that "slope" instead of an edge.  You will probably end up with a tile ramp or a wood trim piece.  Either is going to need to be 3-4" wide to get a proper slope without a tripping hazard.

@Joseph Sangimino Go back to your floor guy and have him do it again. If that’s not an option, then you shouldn’t be looking at home depot at all. Go to flooring supply stores, there are couple of solutions outside of “home” improvement. You need to pay more and move to commercial grade transitions. There is also an option to mold the transition with cement, epoxy, or hard moldable material.

Thanks for the advice everyone. I contacted my floor guy to see what he can come up with. I'm going to dig around for a commercial grade transition that would look nice enough - although I haven't been able to single one out yet. If I can find a good one, even if its expensive thats probably the quickest option. 

If I cant make that work, I'm going to try the marble threshold or travertine sill route like in a bathroom. 

If anyone has any specific product recommendations, please let me know. I appreciate everyone's help. 

@Joseph Sangimino , you won't find a 1" marble, wood or other transition in any specialty flooring store, either.  Your cheapest, though still not cheap relative to the product, solution is to have a carpenter create a custom transition.  I would recommend unfinished Oak or Pine (if available, will be cheaper and takes stain well) so that you can stain to match the floor as best possible.

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