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need a contractor for the philly area. Got some deals I’m looking at and need quotes. Can anyone recommend someone 

Can you also provide me with contact info also. I'm closing soon and need to find a reliable contractor.

@Christopher Oliver & @Michael Singh , not to shut down your real estate goals, but I think you will find it extremely difficult to find a reliable contractor to give you quotes for deals you are "looking at", especially if you are out of state.  The affordable and reliable contractors here have steady work currently, so don't have the need or time to be bidding jobs for properties not already purchased or where they get the sense they will just be one of many competing bids.  Philadelphia is getting to be a hotter market, so I think your best bet is to look for a local partner who can be your boots on the ground, and is experienced enough to ballpark rehab costs already.  If you have the funds available and you find someone with local real estate knowledge and construction knowledge, I think that would be a much more beneficial ask on here then looking directly for a contractor, which is what everyone is looking for so there is a lot of competition.  Any competent contractor is going to prefer to work with the investors who are local and who already own the property, so the only contractors left the bid your jobs are those who are desperate for work for some reason (not who you want to work with).

Just one man's opinion, based on my experience.

Good luck though, Philly does have some great deals!

@Ethan Giller thank you for the quick reply and that is indeed sound advice. But in my case, I'm already under contract and trying to get a hold of a decent contractor so when I close next month I'm not in a state of desperation. 

PM me if you are looking for more quotes. I have someone highly recommended. 

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