What needs a permit and what does not in Atlanta, Georgia

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Starting a flip and am trying to figure out what my permit costs will be.  I figure first I will need to know what exactly I would need a permit for.  I will be taking a trip down to the permit office, but I thought I'd look for some feedback here in order to get the juices flowing. 

I'm flipping a small house that needs EVERYTHING! It's completely gutted out (basically it's a shell) made out of cinderblock on slab. 

So I will be looking to price out Architectual Plans for my permits, etc.  But I'm wondering if I will need a permit to frame? Etc.  Also looking for a reasonable Architect.

You will need a building permit plus a permit for each trade. 

The building permit will require full architectural plans if you are moving any walls and a site plan if you are doing an addition. 

@Rashad S. Permits are very minimal, it is the expense before you could submit it that matters. In LA, a residential usually is less than 500 or 800 max. But i’ve seen plan bids that costs 15k.

Interesting... in Atlanta, a residential permit will be several thousand dollars.

@Aaron McGinnis Several thousand for gut out/reconfiguration? Or maybe just new construction where you play at, hehe. New const here are 20k+ though, at minimum, i’ve seen one at 87k ;)

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