Seeking recommendations for reliable contractors in Baltimore Md

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Hi All,

I am seeking recommendations for reliable contractors to complete renovations in Baltimore, Md. Any suggestions?

Hi @Deshawn Jennings what types of contractors are you looking for?  I just got a roof replaced in Baltimore for a reasonable price and would def recommend that company/use them again.  I also found a good plumber as well.  Charm City Roofing and Roto Rooter...wholely recommend them :)

Thank you @Stephanie D. , I am looking for a contracting company to be able to do a full renovation. 

@Deshawn Jennings I haven't done a full reno before so I'd be interested in seeing if anyone shares the names of good general contractors in Baltimore.  I almost feel like many general contractors in Baltimore buy the vacants and make a killing doing the work themselves since they can probably make more money that way.  Do you already own a unit in Baltimore?  I just bought two in the city and was surprised to find out some companies that work in Baltimore won't venture out into the city for some reason.

A lot of contractors do not want to work in Baltimore City because of issues with permitting/inspections, crime/saftey, and sometimes fly by investors who buy a property not knowing what all the property needs. The payment becomes an issue. It is very difficult to find a good contractor and keep an ongoing relationship. The good ones are usually always busy!

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@Deshawn Jennings good contractors are possibly the toughest part of investing in Baltimore. They are so hard to find that most investors would not be willing to share even if they knew of one. 

My suggestion is #1 always be on the lookout for contractors.  Two, stop at any property you see being renovated, you are likely to find a contractor there. A plus to this method is you get to see their quality of work and you can ask what they are charging for what they have done.

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