Looking for Reliable Electrician in New Haven CT

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Hi BP members, can anyone recommend a reliable Electrician in New Haven CT area? Greatly appreciated. Thank you!

@Peace Lily Is there any reason the electrician needs to be based in the New Haven area of CT? Look up Tuthill Electric if you are open to people outside of the New Haven area. He is based in Glastonbury, but is reasonable pricing wise and knows his stuff.

@Michael Noto My property is in New Haven. That’s why I thought it would have been better to find someone local or in surrounding area. I will contact him and see if he is willing to come work in New Haven area. I have been through a few Electricians and oh my, it is hard to find a capable and trustworthy one with reasonable price... Thank you very much for your recommendation!!!

Am a new investor also from New York just bought a property in new haven and had to used a Electician name is Rick he was pretty reasonable price if you need is contract feel free to give me a call are send me an email.

Hi if anybody is looking for a licensed Electrician in New Haven, CT. I have a great recommendation.  I had terrible experiences with the previous licensed Electricians in CT. They were very irresponsible and always gave me excuses delaying the jobs or no shows and bad finishing. I was very disappointed and wondered why it was so difficult to find a good Electrician to be trustworthy, reliable, fast and efficient until I worked with Ken and his partner.  They saved me from all the disaster previous Electricians did in this house. I wish I had them from the beginning of my gutted renovation.  They are familiar with the old wires in the old houses. They were very fast too. I cannot be happier with their work. REALLY! Price is very reasonable too. I would like to recommend them to anyone I know. Please reach out if you are looking for one.  Thank you.

Have someone if you are still looking. Can message me, I will send the number

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