Installing Low-e vs. Standard Vinyl Windows in Duplex

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Just wondering if Low-e are much better than regular Vinyl windows. Any advantages when promoting the unit for rent?

One thing to seriously be advised of:  Low-e glazing blocks signal from cell towers.  If you're in an area with adequate-to-poor cell coverage, then caveat emptor.  

On the other hand, if it's just a stick-built structure and there's a cell tower stocked with all the carriers right nearby,  then by all means, have at it.  

@David Mejia @Manolo D.

What is stated above is true, but it’s a severe understatement— low-e glazing blocks UV from entering a room, which has the effect that Manolo D mentioned. However, in cold climates, it also reflects heat back into a room, reducing heat LOSS from a conditioned space. Finally, as noted, it also blocks Radio Frequency waves from entering the space.

Pretty interesting stuff, but don’t simplify it when you do your research. Weigh all the pros & cons.

Who pays the utilities you or tenants. If it is tenants the least expensive new window is the best investment.

Code probably calls for Low-E. 

If it is living space, I would put in Low-E no matter what.

I ordered regular glass for a place but one came low-e. During the winter I used an IR thermometer on it and the others and there was no detectable temp difference inside.


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