Cabinets in Wilmington, NC

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I was wondering if anyone had any good references or tips for getting cabinets purchased and installed in Wilmington, NC. I am planning a renovation and was hoping to get find a few options to compare, however, most of the cabinet makers I look up seem to focus mostly on custom work for owner-occupants instead of investors. For the job I will be having a wall knocked down and will be looking to put in an island. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!


I use Cabinets To Go out of Raleigh. They will deliver your cabinets from Raleigh for a fee of around $350. You will then need a contractor to assemble and install your kitchen cabinets.  Using them has saved me thousands of dollars in the past.

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Chris that's an interesting source. Do you purchase ready to assemble, or pre-assembled cabinets?

I have done both. Mostly pre-assembled. Another source, although it's hit or miss for the times I've looked for cabinets, is Sun's Warehouse in Raleigh (and Durham, Burlington.) 

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Also consider I have no affiliation, but use SW in Raleigh and Fayetteville. 

 I've used Surplus Warehouse a few times and have no complaints.  If you do use them, identify yourself as a landlord and they'll give you a discount on all purchases.  I think it's 3% or 5%.  Can't remember exactly.