Looking for Duplex-Fourplex Home Builder in Oviedo/Orlando Area

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My wife and I have been flipping homes as a side business. We want to acquire some multifamily rental properties but they are few and far between in Oviedo so we're considering building new. We've been looking at a few vacant lots zoned R-2 but having a hard time finding a custom home builder.  Can anyone give recommendations? Looking to buy the lots and start the process mid February. Thank you!

I would suggest you call Tom Mosco Homes in Orange City.  He only does great work and is honest and a great guy.  I would definitely use him.

I have seen many of his homes under construction in central Florida.  Let me know if you need his number.

Also, I just saw pics of your Palmetto house.  You did a very nice job.  I saw the house before, and just didn't see the vision that you did there.

Thanks for info @James Barnhart . I'll give him a call. 

Would you happen to know any lenders that would do an investor construction loan? Most lenders will only do owner occupied construction loans.

Palmetto house took a lot more work than we planned but it's under contract and we're positive on it. Thanks for the kind words. 

I do not know those lenders.  But, a builder should know because they want those type of loans.

I can 2nd Tom Mosco he builds a very nice home and I great to deal with. We work with him through our company Miller Window.

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