Would you remodel a 600 sq ft shed in your backyard?

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Hi Everyone,

I have a 600 sq ft shed (build by the previous owner with permits) sitting in my backyard right now. It has a new roof, basic framing, and electricity, no plumbing though. Right now it's just used as storage and I feel like it's going to waste and the space could be used to generate income. It is attached to a one car garage with a wall and door, and sits about 5-6 feet from the back wall of my house. My idea is to turn it into something like a 2bd 2ba, with shared kitchen and living space, and either renting it out, or do airbnb.

I've never done any type of major remodeling or construction before:

-Getting the entire project permitted by the city. Where would I start? Do i need to hire a designer to submit specs?

-Do I need to change the zoning from R1 to R2? What's the likelihood I'll be successful here, or will this be a showstopper?

-What's the best way to begin taking action here? I don't have any relationships with contractors, do I just start on Yelp?

-What else should I think about, and would this be a project worth undertaking, why or why not?

I'd be happy to clarify any details I may have missed. Thanks everyone in advance for your thoughts and advice!



That’s a whole bunch of questions and most could be answered with more research. I live in what you described, I just completed one that I rent and I’m working to get another one ready for Airbnb. I’m not an attorney and don’t give legal advise, but I will say that sometimes it’s better to ask forgiveness, than to ask permission. 600 sq is to small for a two bedroom. In my opinion and experience, it requires at least 800 sq for a 2bd. I would look for a handyman to assist you, you can get referrals at hardware stores. It’s late and I don’t remember your other questions. But if you have questions then I’ll be happy to share my experiences.

And yes you’ll have to rezone it and the likely good of that is slim to none.

Appreciate your response!  

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