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Anyone have a contractor in the Charleston market they recommend? Need one who checks all the boxes and takes pride in their work.

This is a tough question. Depends on the project. Could you give a little more info?  Value of the house? Type of project? I know high end and low end contractors, as well as those who specialize in kitchens and baths or those who specialize in decks and porches. 

Russ, looking for a contractor to work on low end to medium quality flips. As of now I primarily work in Moncks Corner, Summerville, and Park Circle. Values range from 150-350k. They are usually complete remodels.

@Jackson Tate   My favorite contractor for that kind of work has retired to full-time ministry.  He used to remodel during the week and preach on Sunday.  We run a very similar business.   I am pretty disappointed with all my contractors right now, but I will send you contact info for a contractor with whom we had a good experience a few years ago. I don't want to violate any BP rules by recommending in the forums.  I will reach out to you privately.

At that price point you will almost certainly have to run your own crews. Hiring and managing sub contractors directly. BUT you will still need to find a GC to sign off on the work and pull the permits. 

I am a contractor and for what you're describing it will be really hard. The folks who will do what you described have mostly moved up in the price range as it much easier to make a living. If you're doing reno's at 200k and above it will be much easier to find good people. 

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