Looking for good contractors for rental rehabs

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Hello , guys I’m a local investor in the lafayette area looking for some other investors to connect with in the area. I’m 24 years old I currently have 7 units with 4 units under contract I’m trying to get more deals. I’m looking to get to a total of 20-25 units this year. If you would like to connect send me a message or leave a comment. Let’s see where we can help each other and grow together. And also I need contractors to rehab these units so I can keep going and reach my goal of 20-25 units. Thanks!!

yes O'neil...ck with robert leonard on this site...hes investor in baton rouge

@O'Neil....if u dont mind sharing knowledge...what was your strategy on acquiring your 7 units

Sorry for the late response, there’s many  creative ways to get deals done. But for my first deal I finance 80% of the purchase price from a local bank. And owner financed the 20% of the purchase price. So I brought the house with out a dollar out of my pocket. And I received a 22$ check at closing. My numbers on the deal was purchased price was 56k appraised value was 73k. I put 5k into the property. And got it reappraised 6 months later it appraised at 100k. Then I got a line of credit on all the equity I had in the house. And now I use the line of credit for my rehabs. 

Thanks for asking. 

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