Hardwood Floor Refinishing: National or Regional AVERAGE COST/sf

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Hello world!

OK, so you've found a house and there's the beautiful and highly sought-after "HARDWOODS UNDER CARPET"!!!!!

What are you paying to get them re-finished?  How are the companies quoting you? Per square foot?  

Please let us know where you are from when you respond, and give details!

-what about shoe molding/quarter round?

-what about patching stuff? fixing damaged parts....

     -do you have to go find the pieces? where?  do they provide pieces for you to repair 1950s 3.25" pine?

    -do you keep a little stash of pine or oak pieces?

My standard, I think, is SAND, STAIN, and 2 COATS OF POLY.  Is this what you're seeing?

I feel like I've got a pretty good handle on most aspects of rehabbing but I've been having issues finding a reliable company/guy who I can trust, and I'm really not sure what is a good price these days.

Thanks in advance.

@Brandon McLean - put an ad on craigslist with the SF and see what people come back with. Straight refinishing depends on total SF as well but they price on the SF.

If there are pieces that need patching/fixing then you are better getting someone to quote everything. 

Here in Denver we have someone who does new install, site finish, water base poly for around $7/ft. He’ll refinish for $2.50-$3/ft

@Brandon McLean I play in the bottom half of the market and in the older parts to town. Patches are part of life and they show whether it's pine or oak. It's part of the character of the property and I've never gotten comments back that the floors look bad when it's finished wood. For rentals I do 3 coats of poly. It tends to resist wear better. Also, I do not stain. I go with the natural wood unless there is already uneven discoloration in which case I stain darker to hide the issue.

As for finding reliable wood flooring guy, ask around to other investors. I pay a bit more because my guy has been doing floors for more than 15 years. He has done quite a bit of work for me and when I call he works me into his schedule. 

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