Please help - how to get bids from contractors

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Quick question: How do you “gently encourage/remind” a contractor to send a bid when they said they were going to? I have a fix and flip project in the beginning stages and have been interviewing contractors over the past two weeks. They are all more than eager to come look at the job and walk the property with me. I have a detailed scope of work for them that we go over during the meeting with all necessary work included. Every single one of them has told me they’ll send a bid over in 2-3 days. I’ve met with 9 contractors and only received 2 bids. Upon reaching out to the others, they all tell me they’ll get it to me soon, within the day or by the next day - and nothing. I need to get this project started, as it is costing me money every single day it sits with no work being done, but it’s like pulling teeth to try and get a bid from anyone. Any advice??

@Evan Bell - why would you want to work with someone who doesn't get back to you as promised?  If they don't want to earn your business why would they want to keep your business?

Just move on. If someone isn't motivated to send you a bid, he's not the person you want to work with.

Give them a poke or two. If they don't send it, you don't want to work with someone you have to chase. I have found out however that contractors thought they sent me bids, only to find out they had my email address wrong.

@Brie Schmidt and @Aaron McGinnis - thanks for the replies.  This was my exact thought as well.  It's been so long since we did our last flip that I didn't know if this is just how contractors operate now since the majority of those I met with are being so flaky.  These words have passed my lips a few times over the last week and a half, "If they can't even get us a bid when they say they will, how could we ever expect them finish the job when they say they will?"

@Brian Pulaski - I have given at least a couple pokes to each of the contractors dragging their feet.  I think it may be time to pick one of the two who we've actually received bids from and get this project started.

Hi I’m a general contractor in the New England area and I understand that it’s very frustrating I would agree with what everybody is saying if you try to couple times to get an estimate and don’t get one, move on..

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