Questions for Contractors?

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What are some questions you should ask a contractor before they start working on renovations ?

Yes, @Sean Babischkin

Also, look up those licenses and check for claims or complaints.  Beware of multiple linked licenses as this can sometimes indicate a lack of continuity in their business dealings.

Ask for, See and call on referrals from past projects.  3 minimum from the last 6 months.

Make sure they are willing to give you detailed bids (line items for each portion with the associated cost), not gross bids with no description.

Check out the BP "The Book on Flipping Properties... or the one on Rehab Costs" by Jay Scott.  They are both awesome and give a lot of detailed information.

Good Luck

@Yanet Lewis what stage are you at with the contractors?  Are you searching online? Have you done site walkthroughs?  or have you already created contract agreements with these contractors?  Also, what is the scope of your renovation?  do you have plans for your renovation or is it much smaller scale?  

I only ask all these questions because you can get much more efficient bids and contractors scope of work if you give them details of your project.  

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