Adding an extra room

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Dear contractors, 

I am in the process of bidding a flip property and I have a chance to own the property. I want to explore the opportunity to add additional square footage in the form of a room and/or bathroom, if possible.

What are some thumb rules or guidelines to identify the feasibility of a adding a room and even a bathroom.. please advise. 

Hi Pandu. The few items I know for sure. The permits to add a bathroom include how an additional bathroom affects the current sewer system/ line. If it can handle the additional toilet and shower. What are the set back requirements from property lines? How will the additional plumbing connect to the existing and does it have enough room for the slope required for drainage?  

That's all before you can figure total costs for the addition.  It's always a good play on a rehab though. Especially if the current property only has one bath. 

Good luck... and hopefully you will hear from someone your area that has done it and knows more.