Proper Compensation for Contractors

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I am new to real estate. I am starting down the wholesaling path and I have a question. What is a fair price to pay a contractor to perform an inspection of a potential property?

@Keith Owens

Hm, I would stay away from contractors for that.

We use an INVESTOR that also happens to be a friend, a real estate agent, and operates the home warranty division of the large brokerage that is packaged with that agency's sales when the buyer wants it.

Contractors have dogs in the fight and although sometimes know more in depth on certain subjects... You want an investor. 

We pay him I think $200 if my memory serves.  Especially when getting started it has been worth every penny and more.  You want a candid assessment - not some fancy report that is 50 pages.  A one page summary will typically do fine/much better.