Apartment Building Re-Pipe Cost Question

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I'm looking to do a cold water re-pipe, probably coppper type L, for a 66 unit apartment building in southern CA.  I'm not going to need anyone to do wall work/patching, I have my own guys for that.  Its all one bedrooms (one kitchen sink, one bathroom sink, one shower/bath combo).  I'm wondering if anyone could give me a ballpark cost (total and/or per unit) on what it would cost for the job before I go out and start getting quotes.  Any info would be appreciated.  


Nearly impossible, with the amount of variables, but I did get a verbal from a plumbing co to do replacement of galvanized with pex and it was 8 to $1200 per unit. That was for replacing the pressure lines to the kitchen and bathroom.

Take that number and add "california" on it, so $1800 per unit :)

I really don't see any reason to spend more on the copper and pex being flexible is much easier to run.

If you do consider pex ask for uponor brand as they have the best connectors