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Hello All, 

I have a few roofs I need to get replaced over the next 90 days and one of my go-to guys is having some citizenship issues and my other main guy's prices have gone thru the roof as he has way too much work right now.  I was looking for anyone that can refer me a roofer or even better a roofer that also does tuckpointing and we will have a few jobs over the next few months if we can make the numbers work.  

Appreciate anyone that someone has had a good experience with a fair cost.  Thanks in advance!

Keywords: Cook County / Hyde Park / South Loop / Bronzeville / Woodlawn / Greater Grand Crossing / South Shore

Hi Mark!  We have a flat roof ourselves and recently selected a contractor for a complete tear-off and new roof installation after talking with several roofers.  We selected Progressive Roofing, but they were not the low bidder.  The low bidder was Avalon Maintenance Corporation, which advertises itself through  I talked with both of the co-owners of the company, and am optimistic they could have done a decent job for us.  We didn't select them because they run a small operation (the two owners and 1 or 2 helpers), and we were concerned about the durability of the company--as in, would they be around in 3 years to do warranty work if needed.  Again, though, having spoken with each of the owners at one time or another, my overall impression was favorable.

Separately, we had tuckpointing done by Kerry Roofing and Masonry ( back in 2011, and I was very pleased with the outcome of that work.  When I contacted them subsequently (in 2012 or 2013) about potential roof work, they ended up sending someone from Durable Roofing, which I interpreted as an "overflow referral."  So when we were looking for roofers this year, I just went straight to Durable and didn't think to call Kerry again--but I would gladly have done so if they had crossed my mind.  They might be worth a ring...


I would hit up Rodney Roofing and Remodeling for Roofs over 15 years of experience.  tell him Phil referred you. ‭ he is very familiar with the city. Pricing is reasonable. 

@Mark Ainley

Hope you are doing well...

Looking for a roofer for a couple of projects in Western suburbs. Just wondering which roofer you ended up working with. Will appreciate your feedback and if you can share the contact details of Rodney roofing and/or other roofer, as appropriate..



@Kumar Paj Are you looking for a flat roof contractor on mostly commercial?  If so I can send you PM with a couple vendors we use on our commercial properties we manager.