Landscaping - Ask me Anything!

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Hey guys, if you have any questions about landscape rehab or installs, shoot them my way and I’ll do my best to help. Would love to provide some value and help to those doing it on their own. Happy to help!

Hey Hamza,

What do you do with regards to landscaping, are you a landscaping professional?

I’m looking to switch my landscaper and want to make sure the new one is the right one. What questionnaire can you offer in order to get a good initial evaluation of a landscaper?



@Hamza Qureshi - you volunteered so I'm taking you up on your offer! We're rehabbing a house in Shasta Lake, CA (Zone 9). Very hot summers and a bit of snow most winters. We're going to BRRR the house, so I feel like we need to do some amount of landscaping to get our best appraisal value, but I know most renters don't take care of landscaping. So my question is how best to balance out these 2 factors? I want to put in enough landscaping to give it some curb appeal for the appraisal but not spend so much that it's money lost if the tenants don't take care of it. The house has a very small front yard which we plan to put a little patch of grass and short fence around. The backyard is pretty generous. There are sidewalks on both sides of the house with room for flowerbeds between the sidewalk and foundation so we have to put something there or else it will just be dirt. Can you make some specific suggestions for plants that are low maintenance, not to costly to install and/or other ideas such as mulch/gravel/hardscaping in lieu of plants? Any help will be much appreciated!