Home builder needed - Minneapolis MN

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I'm looking for a home builder in the Minneapolis, MN market.  We recently had a FLIP project that had significant damage , and had to be torn down in Elk River, MN. We have cut ties with the contractor we were using as they decided to avoid phone calls with us following the tear down.   We now have a vacant lot that we either need to build on, or move a house onto.  This is a first for us.  If anyone has experience in this, please give me any feedback.  If you know of a reputable home builder in the area, please give their contact info.  

If you have any experience with moving an already build home onto the property, please let me know your thoughts.  Pros of cons of each would be great.

Thanks!!  - Karen

I recommend Todd Hinz at Summit Design & Build but I cannot post his contact info so please PM me and I will send it to you.

hi Karen. Reach out to realtor Brianna Roeder. Roederrealestate.com has her contact info. She will have a recommendation for you. We live in Elk River and she has helped quite a few clients build in the elk river area. Good luck! Let me know if you ever want to meet up to discuss re investing!

Hi Karen, sorry to hear the bad news. I would recommend Klasic Property Services and ask for Allyson (you can find them by googling or I can send you the contact info if you PM me). I work in the same office as them and our investor clients use them for remodeling and construction from the ground up. Good luck!

Ouch...  Not sure where it is located but maybe your first step is to try and sell the lot to someone else?

Let me know if you pursue the house moving option, I have been interested in this for a while.