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I have a client looking to begin building Build-to-rent properties and is interested in the Western Oregon Market—— Looking to establish a few connections- IE GC, Architect etc. As I understand, OR requires a developers license and a GC license in order to build property! Also- if anyone knows someone who has been successful in Build-to-rent in the area that would be a great resource as well (and possible business partnership)

boy the only ones I know doing this anymore are apartment builders dirt is too expensive. 

even a small lets say 1200 sq ft single level 3 and 2 which I would assume that would be minimum size with the price of dirt and utl hook up fees etc.. is going to run you in the high 200s just to build at cost.. at least in markets were rents will be over 1500 dollars. 

There are areas of OR though that are still quite depressed think Klamath falls.. My bank owns a big project there they foreclosed on about 10 years ago.. I can hook them up with the owners of the bank on that one. 

but other markets rebounded and I don't see this as a play.. SFRs in general just are too expensive for rental purposes in this market..  duplex 4 plex and multi  works because they are sold at a cap rate.

If your building and holding the ONLY license you need is a GC... its when you sell to the public that you need the developers license.. just fyi.. of course most flippers don't know this and do it illegally. LOL.. but the state is really cracking down they have inspectors driving projects and checking licenses.

@Jay Hinrichs What do you think about townhouse community’s? Of course we all want to build and HOLD—- but ya need to sell for $$$ of course. 2-4 units is a great play as well- why limit oursleves? Me, never. Looking online GC liscense seems to be a pretty reasonable process to achieve??