Replacing AC unit in Cleveland Ohio

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I recently had an air conditioning unit go out in a duplex located in Parma, Ohio (Near Broadview Rd). The current unit is 21 years old and leaking freon. It probably needs replaced so i'm looking for folks in the area that can help. 

In the duplex, the central air conditioning is in the top unit only. Its 1260 sq feet in that unit. Looking to replace it as soon as possible. If anyone knows reputable people or companies in the area, I'd really appreciate it! 


Hi and welcome to cleveland! I have 2 that I use if you would like their contacts just PM me and I will be happy to share!

@Dulcey Barr  

Thanks! Actually I am from Cleveland, just on the other side of the world now which makes things slightly more difficult lol. I found a company for the AC but I'll DM you in case that falls through.

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