SW Florida Swimming Pool Renovations

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Hi All,

I'm looking to flip a property in the Ft. Myers area with a swimming pool. I don't have any experience with swimming pools and would like some opinions on what kind of repairs (low to high end) would be involved in making it up to code and of course, usable.

With that being said, the pool looks like it's in pretty bad shape (I've only seen pictures). It is on a foreclosed home, so probably neglected.

What is the price range I am looking at to get this pool up and running? If anyone has had experience with pool renovations, I would love to get your perspective.


It depends on , what it needs, just like a rehab.  Depends on the quality of material used.  Is the work being done by you or a contractor?  Is the pool plaster or does it have a liner?  Looks like marcite but it is hard to tell from the photo.  Hopefully the plug has been pulled out of the bottom of the pool or you can have major problems if the pool floats.  These are just ball park numbers

Marcite pool 7000-8000

New pump and filter system 1500-2000

Pool deck paint 750-1250