Looking for a reccomendation of an Architect Gastonia, NC

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Good afternoon BP community.  I am looking for an Architect in Gastonia, NC.  We are looking for somebody specific with making converting an apartment in a multifamily complex from a storage unit to a rentable unit.  

Thanks for the recommendations.  

@David Semer I’m an Architect, actually based in California. However, do some out of state work from time to time. Looking to do more work in NC, as I have family there. Also looking to pick somebody’s brain about REI in that state. Would be happy to trade some work. Let me know. Scott
@Jeff Efird Jr , thanks for reaching out! I’m new to these forums, so I apologize if I should have PM back or something else. I would love to hear more about your success and trials! Would be happy to analyze zoning, or provide some plans in exchange to know more about this market and some of your insights. What’s the proper way to continue this conversation? Thanks again!