Needed: Kansas City Contractors!

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Starting to build out my team in KC but haven't been able to connect with any contractors yet. Looking for contractors that are professional, trustworthy, and who have great communication skills (experience working with investors - preferably out of state - is a HUGE plus). I don't have any active deals going right now but I am planning for the future. Would love any recommendations the BP community can provide!


Eric Van Vliet

@Eric Van Vliet I’m sorry for my delayed response, been traveling for work a bit. I wish I could say yes, but I can’t. Not that i can attest to their quality on yet. To be fair, it’s not because I’ve had several horror stories, in fact I have zero. I had a tenant that was moving out due to family illnesses, but a sudden change in things in life and they asked to stay another year. So I’ve been fortunate for that,
@Eric Van Vliet Eric, I have completed quite a bit of Investment property rehabs and take care of projects for property managers in Kansas City. Evaluating the cost of a project and giving a variety of options for the budget is my specialty. I do have great suppliers and specialized sub contractors to recommend as well. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.


I’ve have prettt crappy experiences we contractors myself the last 2 years however I did just use one that works with investors and was prettt good. There was a few challenges as we were dealing with an extremely short time frame and he started with only a weeks notice. Every concern I raised they were right on it and I believe their pricing is fair. The company name is Gains and Bellman  Construction and John Gains is the contact on the construction side. I’ll message you his information.