Property Management Franchise

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Hello, I am a general contractor with part tIme crew, they are skilled and trustworthy but I can’t hire them full time because I do not have steady stream of revenue, we specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodel, during summer we are quite busy but thIngs slow down startIng Oct till late Feb / March. I have been thInkIng of signing up for a property management franchise (my wife is a realtor) so I can hIre them on my payroll. I have got some great advise from experts at this forums In past, looking for your thought on thIs. Thanks for your time!

@Brad S.

Good to see you're thinking about utilization.  I would have concerns with the intermittent nature of the actual work for property management.  It seems like a good chunk of it is always lumpy, regardless of how much volume you have.  I would stay away from Renters' Warehouse.  I can't speak about any other franchise options there.  Not sure.  I've dealt with the same kind of issues.  

@Jim Goebel thanks! I would really love to hear evryone’s thoughts on franchise vs self starting, especially the marketing aspect of it, do PM franchise (and the brand) really help in getting from 0 to 100 units quick and is it really worth the upfront cost and ongoing split.