central florida contractors!!

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I am investin in Orlando/Sanford area an need a wholesale contractor to fix properties for me. I expect 10-15 properties in 2007. I need somreone I can trust and will not charge full retail price for their services
let me know if that person is U
Bill W

I have been in business for one year now and before i was working with family doing the same things ...I have a Painting/Hanyman company....I will be able to do the type of work your looking for....

Hey lets get together. Right now I don't havew many properties but expect to pick up in the next year
Xcept my phone was stolen today so I will be out of a phone till the weekend at least

I can do anything and I can do it as well as anyone. I also have a blackbook with 6 years of experience containing the best and most profitable subs, contractors, suppliers, and products anyone could have.

I can help drastically. I personally remodeled 15 homes the past 5 years or so, top to bottom. Wiring to additions to real wood laminate on cabinets to bathtub/tile/coutertop reglazing which actually I own a company performing such work now.

I never lost money on a deal. My skills are outstanding. I can perform professional or better quality work in almost every field. I have more corner cutting knowledge and shortcuts, replacements and subsitutions, and alternative options knowledge than any investor I have ever met.

I have a 4 year college degree as well. Strong legal knowledge, thousands in equipment, auction and REO experience, and an ex licenced assistant real estate appraiser.

I am probably the perfect person to talk to definitely the most experienced you will find.

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John Corey