Can contractor do my roof without notifying me?

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I paid a contractor 50% deposit to replace the roof in my rental. They were supposed to notify me later when they going to do the job. 

Now I come to find out that they already did the job last week, without notifying me.

Asked them for pictures that show that they tore out old roof and raised the A/C units before placing the new roof. They said they don't have it.

Anything can be done about this?

All depends on what the fine print or large print for that matter says on the contract that you signed.  If everything was done verbal/handshake its a pretty tough case I'm afraid

Originally posted by @Vadim Du :

We signed a contract that defines the scope of work

Does the scope indicate anything regarding inspections from you? Are you able to get to the house and see it? You can usually see if there is more than one roof (assuming asphalt shingle). Assuming they did the job well I would be happy a contractor is coming in and doing work fast. My old roofer in CT was always getting my jobs done right away (faster than he tells me) and it was great!

What needs to be done ?   Go look at the roof . if its done , pay the contractor .   Unless you asked for pictures why would the contractor take them ? 

Did they put new roof on top of the old ones?  Crawl into attic look straight up inspecting for leaks(lighting, nails, under roofing wood used etc.)

It is not common for tradesman to document their progress as they only focus on construction.

Inspect the roof see the old one is still under.  Crawl into attic look straight up you can tell of ****** work, underlayment materials. \\