Indianapolis Contractor & PM - Rollins Rentals & Rehabs

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Does anyone have experience with Rollins Rentals & Rehabs in Indianapolis to share? 

I was in Indy a few weeks ago and spent a full day assessing properties with Rob Rollins and he made a good impression. He is a contractor and property manager all in one. The notion of a contractor handling the property management in the end is attractive to me as, (in my mind) they will be motivated to get the work done quickly without cutting corners if there is a rental to handle in the end.

While there, I met with 2 other contractors. No complaints about either of them but they were both general contractors only. All were quick with thorough itemized estimates. Rollins pricing for the same SOW was significantly higher than the others.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Feel free to PM me if you would rather not post praise or criticisms publicly. I have a property under contract that is closing this week and I am trying to make up my mind on who to turn the work over to.

@Jonathan Rilea so far, it's been very good. He has rehabbed 2 properties for me and is my PM for both of them. Both houses had tenants lined up before they were even rent ready. Rehab work was fast and thorough and the communication throughout the process was excellent...regular picture updates and videos, etc. I have no doubt I could have found a less expensive contractor (and may explore that down the road), but the fact that there were absolutely no headaches made this decision well worth it. I am in the process of acquiring 2 more properties with Rollins as I write this.