Contractors in near west suburbs (Chicago)

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Hi BP!

House hacking my first duplex in Oak Park, IL and need the following work done: 1) Brick repointing or tuckpointing 2) Garage concrete floor replacement 3) Rotted siding removed and replaced 4) Window replacement 5) new flooring

Any subcontractors or general contractors you would recommend for my area based on your experience?

Also, would you recommend a subcontractor/specialist for each job, or one general contractor to manage all the work?

Look forward to learning from you guys!! Thanks in advance!!

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Hey @Robert Simpson , RiteWay Brick is very good for Tuck Pointing, besides the concrete floor. A good handyman can do most of your rehab. I have a couple of people I can share with you. Just message me.

@Robert Simpson

We done a few flips in Oak Park. We could help with your repairs.

The village of Oak Park is very strict with permits and licensing. So make sure that whoever you hire, they have there paperwork in order.


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