Foundation Repair (Columbus, GA)

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Two questions for the team here.

1. House (1200sqft, built in '40s) has some foundation issues that is creating a bowing effect in the living room. What can I expect in terms of the estimated repair costs?

2. Any recommendations for the Columbus, GA area for a foundation repair contractor.

Thanks for any help.

@Justin Crotts hard to say the exact cost without seeing the issue. Could just be some carpentry work but might need piers under the house. Each vary widely in cost. Shoot me a private message and ill send my guy out. - Dave 

Are you sure you don't mean 'sagging'? Most issues with floors are going to be joist issues. If your floor is bowing up in the center this could suggest a pier/column has buckled perhaps.

I have done quite a few joist repairs 'over here' in Perry, Ga. recently. Would be good to see some pictures under the house to try and diagnose it. 

I posted about this. I made a $5k mistake with foundation