Contractor working in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky or both

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I am looking to see if there are some contractors out there that would walk a property with me and let me pepper them with questions. Anyone know of some guys/gals in cinci or nky?

Finding the right contractor/handyman has been one of my biggest struggles. I've gone through a few...

These have all done work for me in the past:


1) Mike Pressley (BP won't let me post his phone number, but he was a random guy). Always late (from 1 day to 4 hours, NEVER on time). No joke, one day after an hour I called him, "yea I'm almost there" and I called again an hour later..."Right around the corner"....this went on all day. His prices do reflect his delay, they are reasonable as long as you don't factor in the cost of your time. 

2) Ken Herbert Plumbing (Google Them). They did ok...nothing fancy but they do show up on time.

DryWall & Plaster:   ...prices are fair. I've used them for random touch up around windows in a few units (all in one or two days).

Roof: Frisby Roofing prices and they got the job done in 1 day. However I was booked almost a month out. So don't rely on them if you are in a hurry. I did pay to get moved up a few weeks.