Chicago SFH to 2 Flat conversion- Advice needed

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I purchased a single family home which was set up with a related living situation. Eachbunit has its own bath, kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms, hvac systems and both have 2 entrances. The property is in a RS-3 zoning district, allows for 2 residential units. According to my attorney, the property has over 5,000 square feet of land which is the big barrier in conversion. He also states I need to file for a building permit to change the zoning certificate from 1 unit to 2. Does anyone have any experience in this or cannect me with someone who does?

I assume you attorney is familiar with city zoning matters. If not, I would ask him for a referral to a zoning attorney. If your project is compliant with the current zoning, you shouldn't need a variance. And you would likely only need an approved building permit. 

(Zoning variance is when you need to apply to change the zoning district. There's community meetings and a lot of bureaucracy to do this). 

I don't have specific experience with the situation you are currently in. But I hope these thoughts help. 

@Kyle D Birch - I have a great zoning attorney referral if you'd like it. Dealing with the city can be a pain in the butt and there always seem to be the "who ya know" factor. If your attorney doesn't specialize in zoning, I would definitely recommend seeking one out. Let me know if you're interested and I'll PM his contact info over to you.

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