Quatrz countertop problem

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I just had someone install “quartz” countertops in our kitchen for a remodel I am working on for my first flip. I have a feeling that they didn’t actually install quartz. I noticed a couple of scratches and some minor chips in the stone on the edges. The installer said that it is a brittle material because it is man made. He said it isn’t resistant to extreme hot or cold. After doing some research online I’m finding quartz is neither of those things. They left some scrap pieces and I was wondering if there was a way to tell what the material actually is. Can I take it somewhere to get evaluated? Is there an obvious way to tell?

What should I do about this? He doesn’t have a contractors license. He has 1 more cabinet to install and then he is going to do all the handles and trim. Then he is done. If my suspicion about the fake quartz is correct I am not going to pay the final payment but what should I do to protect myself and the investment. Should I install security to protect the property in case he gets mad and damages the cabinets?

So, this is what I do for a living.  The truth about Quartz countertops is that they do scratch and chip(although that is something that happened during fabrication and/or transportation).  He probably used an inexpensive off brand of quartz - and he is not a licensed fabricator so, unfortunately, you probably got what you paid for.  They are not heat or scratch proof - only resistant, regardless of brand.  

Your recourse is that he installed it scratched and chipped and should replace it with undamaged material. Unfortunately, again, he is unlicensed which probably means you don't have much leverage. If you can withhold a portion of payment until he has completed the project - then talk with him about the damaged material. If he wants to continue to do business with you he will work with you on a discount or replacement.

This would be one of those lessons we learn and pay for in the process of Real Estate investment. Using licensed contractors gives you much more leverage to make sure work is done right.