Aloha BP nation,

Earlier I used social media sites to get recommendations for local contractors from local people.  I do realize that I will get a bunch of recommendations of friends and family but a few names are starting to come up more than others.

My next step is to send out the following email and see if I can get some replies.  Its tailored to my situation.  I'm using email because I work the night shift and I don't want to call potential contractors in the middle of the night.  Looking for any insight you all can provide.

I don't want to send a winded email.  This is just a feeler to see if the contractor has room for growth, is licensed, and is familiar with the kind of work I want done.  I will have a follow on conversation if I get replies that will get more into specifics. 

I'm reaching out to you because you came recommended. I'm a real estate investor in our area looking to expand my operations. A little about what kinds of projects I usually do: I find homes that are usually in bad shape and purchase those homes as is. What usually happens is an overhaul of all bathrooms, kitchen, and floors. The properties usually have some trim or deck repair that is needed. I like to put new appliances in and finish it up with a nice paint job inside and out.
I try to get a property looking better than any of the other rentals in the area. Kitchens get granite quality counter tops, real wood cabinets, stainless steel handles and sink. I like using tenant proof material such as rubber laminate flooring and some cases tile through out the kitchen and living room areas. The bathrooms get a full tile replacement or combination of a new bathtub with a new toilet and vanities. The more modern looking I can get the Kitchen and bathroom the better.
I have worked with contractors in the past who work for cash only and I have always paid them promptly on agreed upon schedule. I can give you a list of contractors I have worked with in the past if you like. I have nothing to hide. However, my current situation requires me to work with contractors whom are licensed and insured and pay their taxes so I can account for theses expenses on my own taxes.
If you would like to work together on project with me. Please let me know so we can continue to vet each other and get some money in both our pockets and grow a lasting partnership.
Thank you in advance for your time,

Thanks everyone,