Rear Porch Replacement Chicago 2-FLAT

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A good place to get a general idea for most construction work is a site called homewyse. You can get a high low price range per zip code and square footage of work. I even use it as a carpenter to double check my estimates. Good luck!

@Nova Dean - I can give you some first-hand experience in rear 2 flat porch cost.  I did a full rear porch replacement on one of my 2 flats in Bucktown.  The cost was approximately $12k and the quality was below average.  When I do it again I would definitely go with a contractor that provides better quality.  Those porches are expensive so if you have to pay a couple extra thousand to get it done properly for the longer term, it is well worth the investment.  PM me and I can provide you a couple of referrals of contractors I know do a decent job.

@Jason Rosenfeld I checked out homewyse and it's a pretty powerful tool.  Thank you for sharing.

@Nova Dean I will PM you a trusted porch guy that has done over 50 porches for us in the last few years.  Been thru a few porch guys over the years but this guy is quick and trust worthy and all he does is focus on porches.  Depending on the landing size, width, existing overhang, and existing footings you look to be in the $7500-$12000 range which includes the plans and permit costs.  You will need a survey for the property to get the plans approved so if you don't have a survey that will run you another $300-$400 and I have a guy for that too if you need.  

@Nova Dean  Typically if you send him a picture from the back of the garage or the alley(of your typical Chicago lot) of the existing porch he can quote it for you without having to come out.

@Nova Dean

What size is the porch and how many levels? I’d budget 10-15k per level depending on materials and width/depth. Just recently got a couple quotes for a project, pm me if you want to chat about the details.