Not sure how to handle bad electrical work

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Hello All, 

We got a call from our tenant reporting electrical issues at the property resulting in the electrician notifying us that the electrical panel needed to be replaced. We agreed for repairs to be completed. (Btw our property is out of state) we just found out through our tenants that the electrician did not pull permits and did shotty work. My hubby wants to demand the company to redo it, I say learn from our mistake and hire a competent electrician to do the job right and then take this to small claims. My rationale is that I do not want these shady characters touching our property with a ten foot pole. Any feedback will be appreciated thanks! 

If it's a reputable company, you should be able to get your money back or they might offer to send someone else out to resolve any issues. I would definitely try and get your money back and then I would find another electrician that will do things the right way. I suppose I'm more on your side with this. If it is a bigger company with several electricians on staff, I wouldn't mind them sending someone different out as long as they pull the permit and do things the right way. I wouldn't let the same guy back into the property though. Anymore, I give contractors one chance and if it's not up to my standards, I won't use them again. Best of luck!

Inspect the panel see if it is up to code ,you will need a code person to check off on the work .

If he /she flunks it find why and fix  the issue ,might be a fine in there you will need to bite the bullet get this behind you .

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