I've been doing some research and this may not be the right forum to ask this question in, but I feel like there is a ton of knowledge here, so I'm hoping to get some feedback.  I work for a new construction home builder and we are looking to restructure our sales team.  We have previously been in a system where leads are split, listings are split, and everything is separate.  We'd like to create an incentive for our sales agents to work together.  To help each other when it comes to our customers.  We have some newer, talented individuals and some "old dogs" that constantly produce great results.  The newer team members would benefit from help from the seasoned pro's, but I don't want to just require it without providing some kind of benefit for both.  I'd like to create something that helps set a standard of teamwork.  

Has anyone worked in new construction offices where a team method was run?  Where pay was split with the entire team?  What have you experienced that creates value for everyone, especially the customers?  We've got to make a change but I'd really benefit from feedback from others who have worked in different organizations.