Is this Estimate to High?

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So we are slowly stepping away from renovating the properties ourselves. I must say that I am enjoying managing the reno much more than I did swinging the hammer. I know that this is largely based on Area. I Wanted to know if someone could look at this estimate and tell me if it fair?

The first contractor that quoted me has renovated one of my other properties before and he has been fast and does good work. He does quote me in one lump and doesn't like to itemize the estimates(Which I hate).

Frame 2 small Door way headers in hallway and drywall area.
Patch 2  4x5 holes in living room ceiling with drywall
Frame 3 x 8 closet in master bedroom and drywall
Trim whole house with baseboard(1300 sft House)
Install 6 interior doors
Install 2 Ext Doors
Install Ext french doors in basement
Install 16 can lights throughout Living room, Kitchen and Hallway including running electricity to cans.
Install Cabinets for kitchen (approx. 12 cabinets uppers and lowers)
Install 1300 sqft of LVP flooring

Quote- He is quoting $12,000 Labor and $9,000 Material. He prefers me to pay him $600.00/day(2-3 man crew). He says he will most likely be able to finish in 4 weeks(12000) and will probably even finish before this so it may be less.

This is in Pittsburgh Pa
The Quote above including all Labor and Material Except the purchase of the cabinets.

@John Matthew Johnston

Seems high on both sides. Material would be around 3k and labor maybe 6k. The only difficult thing about the scope is trim and the flooring. 9k excluding the cabinets is a joke. Just my two cents. Also never pay per day because they will take their time. The way you speed up construction is that the contractor needs to finish a task in order to bill the owner. Also 2-3 man crew at 600 dollars, no way his overhead and hourly rate for a worker is 300-200 dollars a day.

Labor price might be a little high.  Remember you get what you pay for.  $600 a day for a 2-3 man crew is not much, it’s getting harder and harder to find people that know what they are doing and will show up to work.  No one  wants to do physical work any, that’s way prices are going up. Buy the material yourself and save any mark up.  I don’t see that taking more than two weeks with a 2-3 man crew.