General Contractor Smithfield NC

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Hello! Looking for a general contractor that works in the Smithfield NC area. Got a property under contract and looking to rehab after closing.

Biggest Work includes:

1. Replacing floor beams in kitchen

2. New flooring (1200 sq ft) LVF

3. New paint indoor

Plus a number of other minor issues

@Jeff Williams

Hey Jeff nice to meet you I am finishing up my first BRRRR right now waiting on the refinance to close. Still looking for the next one.

I invested in Pine Level and it turns out that area had a very high demand for renters. Where are you investing? Are you apart of any REIAs?

Andrew- I am also local and located in the Clayton area. I'm not a part of a REIA yet but I have thought about joining TREIA. We need one in this area or at least an informal meet up group.

Couple of local questions: 

1. Who are you using for your refinance and what are their terms. 

2. How did you locate your property (MLS/wholesaler/foreclosure/etc)?

Also- Let me know what you are looking for in your next property and I'll keep my eyes on the lookout for you.